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Over the years, Greg DePalma has met many  famous and interesting sports personalities from across the country. This webpage gives him the opportunity to share some of those memories with you. To enlarge, just place your mouse over each photo and left click.



   Super Agent, Drew                Former NY Giants DE

 Rosenhaus & former NY           Leonard Marshall

 Jets LB-Marvin Jones



Former Dallas Maverick and      Former NY Jets DE

NY Knick Derrick Harper            Marty Lyons    



        Tennis Legend                  Philadelphia Eagles QB

        Chris Evert                            Donovan McNabb



  Former Basball Great                The Miami Dolphins

       Gary Carter                             Cheerleaders



   Detroit Lions QB            Former NY Jets LB

     Daunte Culpepper                   Marvin Jones


  Former Miami Dolphins TE          Nascar Driver

             Joe Rose                          Dale Jarrett



        Tennis Legend                 Carl Foster & Baseball

        Jimmy Connors                  Legend Pete Rose



     Boxing Legend                     Boxing Legend

      Sean O'Grady                     Sugar Ray Leonard  &  

                                                  FSU basketball Coach                                                       Leonard Hamilton                                         


 Former Cleveland Browns        Brian Mercurio &

       QB Bernie Kosar               Legendary boxing

                                                 trainer Lou D'uva



                        Former MLB manager

                                Felipe Alou